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Spaze IT Park (Office Space)
Rent: HK$ 2,900
Car Park
Rent: HK$ 2,200
11 meter Ramp Up Warehouse with 11 loading bays off PIE For Rent
Rent: US$ 64,000
Entire Factory Warehouse Large Open Yard With Parking Space For Rent
Rent: S$ 75,000
Warehouse in Jurong with Car Parking Space for Rent
Rent: S$ 28,000
Tai Seng MRT 5.8 Distribution Center with Car Parking For Rent
Rent: S$ 24,000
New Clementi Ground floor Facility With Parking Space For Rent
Rent: S$ 13,200
Logistics DistriCenter with15 Loading Bays A3 For Rent
Rent: S$ 170,000
Rent a parking space @ Changi Ramp Up 9 Meter Air-Conditioned Warehouse
Rent: S$ 65,000
Boon Leat Terrace-Ground Floor Car Storage For Rent
Rent: S$ 93,000
Rent a parking space with direct loading at Door step
Rent: S$ 40,500
Rent a Parking Space @ Changi South near MRT
Rent: S$ 36,300
Rent A Parking Space @ Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
Rent: S$ 14,400
Parking Space For Rent @ Keppel Road
Rent: S$ 36,000
Rent A Parking Space @ Jurong
Rent: S$ 46,000
New Standalone Facility Storage For Rent
Rent: S$ 16,000
Business Park Office Space For Rent
Rent: S$ 19,000
Airport Logistics Park Space For Rent
Rent: S$ 28,500
Airport Logistic Park Within Free Trade Zone For Rent
Rent: S$ 28,000