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Hong Kong




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標準專業設備低至$1880元起,便可租借以下標準音響器材: 1. Housing Speaker 400W with Speaker Stand (會場用喇叭連腳架) 2. Stage Fold back Monitor (台上監聽喇叭) 3. Professional Audio Console / Mixer (專業混音器) 4. 4000W Amplifier for Housing Speaker (會場用喇叭擴音器) 5. 2000W Amplifier for Stage Monitor (台上監聽喇叭擴音器) 6. Professional Wireless Microphone System (專業無線咪) 7. Professional Cable Microphone System (專業有線咪) 8. Compress Disc / Digital Video Disc Deck / MP3 (CD / DVD/ MP3機) 9. Professional Sound Engineer & PA Crew (工作人員及音響工程師) 10. Accessories for PA System (音響雜項) Include:Bloom Arm Microphone Stand with Clap, Direct Box for Instrument-Guitar, Keyboard etc. Power Cable, Microphone Cable, Jet Cable, RCA Jet Cable, Jet Adapter etc. 另 有 樂 器 租 借:如 Drum Set、Keyboard、 Keyboard Amp、Guitar Amp 和 Bass Amp 等。 歡迎電郵活動資料報價: 報價熱線: 28611382
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